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"Beautiful and Blue" 

"There's A Moon Over The Trailer ,Tonight".

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   After graduating from Trenton State (the College, not the Prison}, in the interest of avoiding gainful employment for as long as possible, I played every two-bit joint from North to South Jersey.  Many with my brother Michael DeSaye, we didn't"t know what we couldn't do!  We could sing, but I played like I was wearing boxing gloves. My friend RayBob Radner taught me everything I know about guitar, and now , the meaning of friendship. One of our competitors was the formidable local Hair Duo, "Brad And Jack".  They had a record (Nicky's Netcong) and fabulous hair.  We aspired to their greatness.  Today, I still do to Jackie's.

    Over 3,000 gigs.  A lot of Fire and Rain, many a Moondance with my Brown-eyed Girl on the way to Margaritaville. 

    I loved it.  Learned "how to do it".  Evolved.  Became a writer.  Not so good on the git-box, but good enough to express myself  (there's only like, 8 notes).  Made an Album, and then the Pirate was lookin' at 40.   "Moon Over The Trailer" was cool, but a little voice inside my head was saying' don't look back, you can never look back.  It was time to move on, it was time to let go...

   I walked away, like a Movie Star who gets burned in a 3-way script.  What the hell is a 3-way script? And why does Bruce wanna meet a girl behind "The Dynamo"?  What the hell is "The Dynamo'?  Is that a ride on the Boardwalk, or some sinister electrical transformer on the outskirts of town? Did it blow up?  Is that why there's a darkness? But, I digress.  

    I entered a career in Special Education, working at an alternative High School for Emotionally Disturbed teenagers, largely from NJ's inner cities. Went from one dysfunctional crowd to another.  10 years.  

  Very proud, but it was time to move on,  it was time to let go...

   Plus, I had some songs.

"Beautiful and Blue"

About to be released on iTunes, CDbaby, and other platforms, this Album is KC Cary's latest Black Potatoe Records project.

"There's A Moon Over The Trailer, Tonight."


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Home-made videos and demos and worthless effluvia


My friend Gerry Murnane recorded my return to performing.  Dr.Jim Garabo showed up to help me out.  Rusty and nervous, I improvised this career retrospective. 27 songs in 9:58. I think I'll start a Simon and Garfunkel tribute band with Dr.Jim.  I'll call it "Rusty and Nervous".


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Happy And Healthy New Year!

Another year over, and a new one's just begun....

Beautiful and Blue


  1. The Tide Rushes In.
  2. Beautiful and Blue.
  3. Never Found Love.
  4. Breathing' in The Dark.
  5. Sleepy Time Boy.
  6. Jesus!  Wheel Me Away!
  7. Nothing @ All.
  8. One Less Record Playin'.
  9. Where The River Meets The Sea.
  10. Life's Kickin' The Shit Out Of Me.
  11. 'Nawlins Broke My Heart.
  12. Funky Flame Still Burnin' Bright.
  13. Graduation Day.


I am blessed to have had this incredible group of players grace this album

  • Thomas Felder/Drums 
  • Colin Love/Piano
  • Randy Artigliere/Bass
  • Andy Goessling/Mandolin/Uke/Clarinet/Flute/Saxes
  • Tim Carbone/Violin/String Quartet/6-string Bass 
  • Karl Dietel/Piano
  • Mike Caruso/Bass
  • John Ginty/Hammond B-3
  • Chris Hedges/Electric Guitar
  • Angela Adams/Vocals
  • Carol Struble/Vocals
  • Kim Williams/Vocals
  • Caren Kennedy/Vocals

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